5 web development trends to look up in 2018

For succeeding in digital-based industries it’s vital to accept tech changes and ride along with it. You can do this by exploring tomorrow’s trends and seeking to integrate them into your business plan. And, when it comes to web development trends, sometimes they change faster than they can be implemented. That’s why it is important …

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by Costi on February 2, 2018


3 reasons why you should grow with Golang

Why Golang became the way for many companies? Let’s start answering to this question through an imagination exercise. Did you ever confront with that kind of frustration of dealing with complexity generated by very large teams of people working on very large pieces of software written languages with large feature sets? Well, as you might …

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by Costi on January 17, 2018

App monetization 101

App Monetization Strategy 101: How to Set Your App for Success

The first rule to find a good mobile app monetization strategy is that there is no one-size-fits-all kind of solution. If you’ve landed on this page looking for that, there is no miracle we can work out for you. But if you have an app idea and you’re thinking of turning it into reality, there …

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by Costi on November 22, 2017

Nowadays, you can do almost anything on your mobile device—from instantly messaging colleagues and organizing your work schedule to tracking your expenses. Mobile technology has become so advanced that there’s probably an app for almost anything and everything imaginable. Businesses have also been benefitting from the mobile app revolution more than ever. Up to 83% of marketers claim that having a mobile app is crucial in their marketing strategy. So, if your business don not have a mobile app yet, it’s time for you to hire a mobile app developer and start building one. 5 Reasons to Have a Mobile App for your Business 1. Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness People spend more than two hours a day on their mobile devices, and 90% of this time is spent on mobile apps. This means that a mobile app can help you reach your consumers wherever they are through their mobile devices. It can work in many ways. When users think of a service or a function that they need to address, they go to the app store and see what apps are available. Here, they can encounter your brand through your app. It can also happen the other way around where they find your website and see that you offer a mobile app. Seeing your brand on multiple platforms can increase brand visibility and awareness. Having a mobile app also shows your audience that your brand keeps up with the modern trend, constantly finding ways to provide convenient services. 2. Directly Market to your Audience When a mobile app is open on any device, it’s the only app visible on the screen. While smartphones and tablets have a multitasking capability, often, users use only one app at a time, which makes mobile apps a direct marketing channel. All the information you’d like your audience to receive is on one marketing platform. Sales and promotional messages is now immediately accessible to your audience. You can even send them push notifications to remind them about your products and services. 3. Increase Customer Engagement No matter what product or service you offer, a mobile app allows you to directly send and receive messages from your customers. This direct interaction is what customers value today. Users are more impatient now than ever, and a messaging system within your app allows your brand to provide real-time responses. Whether that’s a simple way for them to check your store hours or follow up on an order, a mobile app will go a long way in terms of increasing customer engagement and improving client service. 4. Improve Website Performance When a user searches for services to meet specific needs, your mobile app will likely be suggested to them, whether they’re doing this on a search engine or app store. Not only will you be attracting users to download your mobile app, but you’re also routing traffic back to your website. Once your mobile app generates buzz, your app and website can also earn backlinks and mentions on high-authority pages. Eventually, your website will rank higher on SERPs, and your mobile app will rank higher on app stores. 5. Collect a Vast Amount of Customer Data Mobile apps can help businesses collect priceless customer information and data. When customers are using your app, you can gather customer details and data that can help your business determine which regions and demographic segments offer the best ROI. You can also determine which features and functions of your app are more useful to your clients. When people try out your apps, they can post highly useful reviews that you can use to create a more profitable and helpful mobile application. Customer data can help you better address client needs, problems, and wants, thereby making your product and service more helpful to your customers. There are many advantages to creating and building your own mobile app for your business. A mobile app not only enables your business to keep up with consumer demands and business trends, but also help your brand stand out from an already saturated market. Consult with a professional mobile app developer today, and start building a mobile app that will help you reach your audience and increase your business revenue. At Intelligent Bee, you can be sure that your mobile app is optimized specifically for your target audience, and will exhibit a great user interface and experience.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App to Grow

Nowadays, you can do almost anything on your mobile device—from instantly messaging colleagues and organizing your work schedule to tracking your expenses. Mobile technology has become so advanced that there’s probably an app for almost anything and everything imaginable. Businesses have also been benefitting from the mobile app revolution more than ever. Up to 83% …

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by Costi on October 12, 2017


GlusterFS – Replicate a volume over two nodes

When you are using a load balancer with two or more backend nodes(web servers) you will probably need some data to be mirrored between the two nodes. A high availability solution is offered by GlusterFS. Within this article, I am going to show how you can set volume replication between two CentOS 7 servers. Let’s …

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by Andrei Grijincu on September 25, 2017


How to install a .pxf windows ssl certificate on your linux web server

Windows uses .pfx for a PKCS #12 file. PFX stands for Personal eXhange Format. This is like a bag containing multiple cryptographic information. It can store private keys, certificate chains, certificates and root authority certificates. It is password protected to preserve the integrity of the contained data. In order to install it on our apache/nginx …

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by Andrei Grijincu on September 22, 2017

Android vs. iOS App Development: A Comparison & Decision Guide

Android vs. iOS App Development: A Comparison & Decision Guide [Infographic]

There’s a revolution in mobile app development happening right now with the number of apps available for download in major app stores being at an all-time high. App developers are burying themselves in work, creating the latest software applications for mobile devices and hoping that their creations make enough money for them at Apple’s App …

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by Costi on September 20, 2017


How to Setup Docker for Your Symfony Project

As you probably know, I am a big Symfony fan 🙂 In the last few years I used Vagrant to set up my Symfony development environment more or less as described here. But we now have Docker and it’s time to move forward with a new setup. Docker containers are generally more lightweight than Vagrant virtual …

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by Dragos Holban on September 18, 2017