Many companies emphasize providing excellent customer service. Your customers are everything to your business, so you should ensure their concerns are attended in a timely fashion. 

Email is among the most common type of customer communication. Yet, using email support to reply to customer queries is the most widely neglected medium. Some companies don’t reply fast enough. Others may not include accurate information. 

Enter email support. Email support is a tool for companies to provide better customer support online. No one wants to pick up the phone to call a busy hotline anymore. But who’s going to operate the email support line? How do you know email support is right for your business? 

Keep reading to find all the info you need to get started. 

What is Email Support Outsourcing?

To answer this question, let’s first talk about email support. Email support is a popular customer support service for most companies. Instead of online customers calling a number when they need help, an online email support associate answers their questions. 

When you’re outsourcing your email support, you’re using another company to reply to your clients in busy times or outside of operational hours. 

Customers reach out to a brand at their convenience via the email address on the company’s website or app. They could also reply directly to an email they receive from a brand. The company responds as quickly as possible, no matter the time or capacity. 

Email support outsourcing is a convenient way for customers to communicate without waiting on hold or talking on the phone. It’s easy to use, and emails don’t interrupt your day. 

When to Outsource Your Email Support

Do your customers email you often? Are you running an online business? Many companies have trouble staying on top of customer emails, and missing a chance to respond to customers hurts your brand. Email queries need a rapid and accurate response.  

If you’re a small business, have an online store, or receive many customer support emails, consider outsourcing email support. An experienced contact center provider helps to respond to high email volumes. They’re trained in high customer satisfaction and far more affordable than paying for an in-house team. 

Outsource your email support if you want to increase your customer satisfaction, engage with your customer base, or drive customer loyalty. Email is a trusted communication channel that allows you to get in touch with the people you need. With leading email support services, you could create more confidence in your brand.

Pros of Email Support Outsourcing

Let’s look at the benefits of outsourcing email support. 

Speedy Replies without Auto-generation

Because customers expect a relatively speedy reply, outsourcing this task is highly beneficial for nights and weekends. Email support is much more difficult to automate, so outsourcing provides your customers with a quick response after business hours.

Your customers want fast and personalized emails to help answer their questions. Sending an auto-generated response kills morale. It’s easy to outsource email support so that you can address customer issues appropriately. Remember, people look for fast response times over auto-generated emails. 

Easily Accessible

Email support is the most dependable method of communicating with customers. Anyone can access emails on-the-go because they can reply from their phones, tablets, or any other device. 

As the Microsoft Global Customer Report shows, 97% of people think customer service is critical for brand loyalty. A timely response through email increases customer satisfaction and keeps customers coming back for more. 

Detailed Information in Print

Companies love email support because it provides a paper trail for both parties to track or refer back to as needed. Your customers can describe the issues they’re having in detail, helping provide a more accurate picture of what’s going on so you can resolve the matter. They could even attach files if needed. 


Outsourcing is cost-effective for even small businesses. Email support is easily integrated with the voice or chat support services you already provide. Plus, the results are enough to outweigh the price. 

Cons of Outsourcing Your Email Support

There are also a few downsides to outsourcing support services. 

Brand Disconnect 

Allowing another company to provide your customer support means the outsourcers may not know your company brand as well. Sometimes this reflects when handling requests. According to a recent Gallup study, customer service is memorable when it feels friendly and knowledgeable. 

Long-Term Contracts

Outsourcing customer service is cost beneficial, but it could come with long-term contracts. Some companies may ask for minimum requirements as well. The contracts hamper flexibility and could become a headache if you pick the wrong outsourcer. 

Email Support Outsourcing Pricing Models

Each business comes with unique needs, so the level of support you require may determine how much you pay to outsource your email support. There are a few standard pricing models many companies follow, including:

  • Pay per hour: Most companies charge for email support services by the hour. 
  • Pay upfront: When you already know the volume of customer service requests your business receives each month, you can pay upfront for a set amount of time. 
  • Pay per email: If you have a low or inconsistent volume of emails, the business may price its services by the number of calls.
  • Pay per performance: A less common payment model, pay per performance takes place when you only pay for results like a sale due to the call. Some companies offer a hybrid option where they combine this model with an hourly rate.   

How to Choose an Email Support Service Provider

Before you hire an email support service provider, think about your needs. The right provider for you will have a payment plan that’s well-suited to your needs. Most companies charge by the hour, but the same option could cost you more if your business doesn’t get many emails. 

The right customer support service lineup has tons of benefits. But the best choice depends on you. Complete thorough research and read reviews about an outsourcing agency before you hire them. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages for your company. 

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