Use a real life example to support your point.

Our help content is filled with examples that are reflective of the problems faced by our customers, which provides a real-life perspective.

Describe your experience with the product

Professionals using a product are in the best position to share their experiences about it. Hiring lecturers from your organization not only helps you create content for new customers, but also allows them to utilize your employees’ expertise and creativity.

Match your customer’s language

Customers need the product that solves their pain points, not the features of a solution. It is important to write articles in language customers understand when trying to find help with a problem.

Show as well as tell

As a business, you owe it to your customer not to waste their time. Wouldn’t it be better if they could actually just see what you are talking about?

Design documents to be legible and scannable

To increase customer engagement, use headings and paragraphs to break up text. End each paragraph with white space to enhance the reader’s experience.

Return to articles often

Once content publishing is finalized, don’t let it go stale. Establish a recurring schedule for periodically reviewing articles that are both highly and strategically relevant to your business, so that timely feature releases do not have an adverse impact on how you explain your stuff.