Then you have built your ecommerce store using some of the best tools on the market. You have uploaded some products, and you have even managed to make some sales.


You probably know this, but here’s some news to let you know: Your work is far from over.


In the midst of those initial sales, you are actually at a critical point in your business in terms of making sure those customers make repeat purchases at your online store.


Several studies and trend reports have shown, after all, that up to 80% of your business’ profits can be attributed to 20% of repeat customers and/or returning customers. A surprising fact is that only 32% of business owners admit they place a priority on retaining their customers.


It is not necessary for you to be the same. It is possible to keep your customers for a long time if you are serious about doing so. The purpose of this blog post is to provide you with the eight most effective strategies you can use to build loyalty among ecommerce customers.


The following are eight effective ways to reward your customers for their loyalty in ecommerce

Have you decided to take the first step in getting more loyal customers for your business? Here are eight strategies that can help you do just that.


  1. Put customer service at the top of the list

As a way to meet customers halfway, businesses should invest in customer service as a way to ensure that they are meeting their needs. In order to have a successful customer service team, you’ll need to develop a few different skills, including patience, empathy, clear communication, among others.


The power of a customer’s interaction with your company shouldn’t be underestimated. We know for sure that a little more than half of customers say they aren’t likely to do business with a merchant after having a bad experience, ensuring that we are dealing with people who are willing to talk about their experience online.


Despite the fact that you may not be able to prevent every negative brand encounter that occurs in your business, good customer service can be the point of intervention that can help you placate customers or fix any problems that might have arisen.


  1. Personalize the content and recommend products based on the customer’s preferences

A personalized experience shows that your brand is relevant to your customers’ lives and aims, so it makes sense that customers pay attention to brands who seem to provide the best content and products for them.


A study by Tolleson Business reveals that a majority of consumers were willing to pay a premium if they were offered personalized services, and more than half have expressed that they did not mind trading personal information such as names and emails as long as they received personalized content.


You should be able to recommend products to your customers based on what you know about them: their tastes, their preferences, their previous purchases, etc. Using this information you can also use it to send them free resources and content – such as blog posts and videos – that show that you have knowledge of what they are looking for.


  1. Give exclusive perks, such as discounts and free shipping, to your customers

The best way to reward your customers is by offering them exciting perks like coupon codes or free shipping vouchers. This tactic also helps to encourage repeat purchases or to increase the average order value of online store shoppers by encouraging repeat purchases.


You are going to want to take care not to give away these perks too frequently; in the event that they do receive them, you want them to be extremely excited about it.


You might be able to offer these discounts several times a year, depending on what you sell, to encourage repeat purchases, as doing so is common in the case of retail stores.


If you sell subscription-based services, you might be able to entice existing customers by offering them perks such as discounts on early renewals.


  1. Give them an insight into your business that they will not be able to get anywhere else

There is nothing more enjoyable than getting to know a brand beyond the products or services that it offers. If you show customers different sides of your business and brand, you can effectively let them know that your business is not just about making sales.


This is where a great content marketing strategy can come in handy. You can use this platform to give value to your customers in various ways, including high-value educational posts and exclusive sneak peeks inside the day-to-day operations of your business.




  1. Design a customer loyalty program that is irresistible to customers

If you have an incentivized customer loyalty program, then you can kick start the process of obtaining customer loyalty. You can first encourage new customers to visit your store again, then give them an irresistible gift or perk that they can work toward.


As part of their e-commerce strategy, several brands utilize a point-based system as part of their marketing strategy. From every purchase they make on their account, the customer earns points, which she or he can use later as credit for her next purchase or for exclusive products from the brand.


  1. Create a retargeting ad campaign in order to retarget potential customers

It may be useful to give a gentle nudge to a customer who was browsing your site and spending time looking at a few products on other platforms, including social media.


Occasionally, users are simply unable to check out items from your store or plan to return at a later time.


Advertising online using this method also keeps up with the trend of personalizing content and campaigns: By the very fact that customers are already looking at these products, you know that they are showing some level of interest in them.


  1. Send abandoned cart emails to them to follow up with them

The average abandonment rate in ecommerce stores is estimated to be up to 79% according to current reports.


Even though there can be several reasons why a user may decide to abandon a cart – from losing interest in the products or simply forgetting to check out – it does not hurt to remind them of what they had been about to purchase.


A gentle reminder to your customers in the form of an email can be an excellent way to let them know that you would not want them to miss out on a great product they were considering.


  1. Provide multiple communication channels

You make it easier for customers to send feedback, comments, or queries by providing them with a variety of ways to contact you.


Ensure that you are accessible via email, phone, or social media. Take advantage of live chat as a customer service touchpoint if you have the resources.


It’s important to remember: Customers will have a better experience with your brand if they are able to reach you easily. You will need to provide your customers with as many positive brand experiences as you can if you want to increase their loyalty.


Loyalty programs for online retailers

Sales and marketing are never-ending processes for business owners, but it helps if your customers remain loyal to you for a long time.


To help you keep, nurture, and even equip customers to be lifelong fans of your brand, combine the strategies above with your other marketing efforts like social media campaigns and outreach campaigns.