Razvan Alexa

Customer Support Technique #2

Acknowledge Customer’s Needs When you make the effort to understand a customer's needs even if they can't be met, customers are more likely to view you positively. Acknowledging needs can be as simple as asking a customer what they want or having patience when interacting with them.

Customer Support Technique #1

Above and Beyond Going above and beyond means doing something that is not required of you by your job or obligation to your customer. Even difficult customers often display extreme gratitude and loyalty when you go the extra mile to make them feel special. Good customer service often means recognizing your customers’ worth and treating them accordingly.

Listening Techniques of Great Customer Service Leaders

As a customer success leader, you are no doubt well-versed in the importance of listening to your customers. When done properly, listening builds strong relationships and without this skill, trust suffers. There are countless books and resources focusing on the importance of listening in all aspects of life. While there's many skills to learn, listening is one of the most important ones we should…

Intelligent Bee Rated by Clutch as one of Romania’s top Non-Voice BPO and Back Office Service Providers for 2020

    We just received exciting news here at Intelligent Bee! Clutch analyst Emily Koch just called our founder to let us know that Intelligent Bee is again listed as one of Romania’s top non-voice BPO and back office services providers! Customer support is more important than ever for businesses to stay on top of trends. That is why we’re thrilled that Clutch labeled us as one of the top non voice…