Let me bring you into my world

You’d wonder what can keep somebody working in an office, at a desk, and talk with different people from all over the world every day, some of them angry and anxious, others frustrated or just annoyed because of the color of a button. The answer is that it’s just...

Emulating a Redis Failover with Docker

Reading the Redis documentation can be a bit confusing without the hands-on experience. You could in theory create multiple processes of the Redis Server on your machine and configure each of them in part, but what if you could do it in a few commands? Not only that but...

should your online business use API?

Why Should Your Online Business Offer API

There are several ways to extend a business model but API is a hot topic right now as the online world is expanding very fast. If you’re a developer or at least interacted with APIs before, you probably know why public APIs are so important, but there’s a big...

Better is possible and real

We all wish, hope and want for good things to happen as often as possible in our life. Even from the beginning, we are all trying to be good kids, then, as teenagers to get good grades, as young people to graduate a good college, as adults to have...

Setup Docker Machine for Symfony Development

If you need a development environment for Symfony, hosted by Docker, you can use the fazy/apache-symfony docker image to start with, then extend it to your need. In your Symfony project’s folder add the Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files. In the first one, we added mysql and composer, then we used...

Go debugging

Debugging Golang apps in Docker with Visual Studio Code

Context We’ve recently had some problems with a Go application that was running inside a Docker container in a very big Docker Compose setup. After getting fed up with writing console prints and rebuilding the Docker image for that container and spinning up all the containers to debug things,...

ruby useful gems

Start writing tests in Ruby: useful gems

Being a QA engineer is a continuous struggle in finding the right resources in order to get the job done easier and more efficiently. If you are planning to write automated tests in RSpec (Ruby’s testing framework), then you should take a look over these gems. Please notice that I am most...

How To Mock Endpoints in Automated Acceptance Tests

The purpose of acceptance testing is to reproduce production environment as much as possible in order to evaluate the software in a ‘real-world’ situation similar to what the customers will experience and this includes using real endpoints. But using real endpoints has some disadvantages. In automated acceptance tests, the...

Symfony2 Doctrine Migrations with Unique Indexes (Slugs)

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This is something me and my colleagues encounter from time to time. The Problem One of the problems of adding unique indexes to existing data, like adding the sluggable Doctrine behaviour using the StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle, is that the generated migration will end up throwing an error: Causes Since the default...

How to Fix Symfony2 Ajax Login Redirect

You probably noticed that sometimes an Ajax request will return the login page instead of the actual content is should return. This happens when the user has beed logged out in the background and the current page does not reflect that (it could happen if the session expired or if...

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