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Start writing tests in Ruby: useful gems

Being a QA engineer is a continuous struggle in finding the right resources in order to get the job done easier and more efficiently. If you are planning to write automated tests in RSpec (Ruby’s testing framework), then you should take a look over these gems. Please notice that I am most...

How To Mock Endpoints in Automated Acceptance Tests

The purpose of acceptance testing is to reproduce production environment as much as possible in order to evaluate the software in a ‘real-world’ situation similar to what the customers will experience and this includes using real endpoints. But using real endpoints has some disadvantages. In automated acceptance tests, the...

How to Fix Common Errors When Testing in RSpec

If you are a Software Test Engineer or Quality Control Engineer and you want to automate your API call tests, then you should try RSpec (Ruby’s testing framework). I didn’t exactly chose it (the QC team was already using it), but I tend to believe that I would have...

How to (Easily) Debug a Rails Application

Hello all you party people! This article will show you how you can easily debug your Rails code. If you’re using the default Rails Rack server, Webrick – the best debugging tool I’ve been able to find out there is pry. Its use is pretty straightforward: First off you’d...

How I Came to Love Ruby

It wasn’t so long ago that I had no idea how everything worked in world of WWW. But that all changed when I got a technical support job at IntelligentBee. Working in a web development company (even though your job doesn’t have any tangency to the actual development role)...

Create a mailer in Rails 4

Hello party people and polar bears! You were probably wondering how it is you send email using Ruby on Rails. Here’s how you create an automated email system that sends a confirmation email to each new user that registers to your app:

Setup a simple Ruby 2 on Rails 4 environment with Vagrant and Virtual Box

Since a developer time is most valuable when dealing with actual … development tasks, setting up the environment for a new project better take less or no time, so that the developer can focus on building the actual product rather than focusing on setting up things.

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